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“Re-set is een groep kunstenaars en anderen die actief zijn in de kunstwereld. Gezamenlijk willen we stelling nemen tegen de zorgwekkende ontwikkelingen binnen het huidige politieke klimaat in Nederland en daarbuiten.”


“FUCK is not a gallery or a record label, nor a collective and also not a soundsystem…but maybe…a little bit […]

The 90’s and the 00’s saw the rise and rise of the curator as the new brown in the artworld.
When we at FUCK realized that the role of the artist had become marginal at best
we immediately decided to jump ship…we wanted to jump FIRST, like rats…not LAST, like the captain.

It wasn’t at all that we deserted art, more that we included curating onto our palette.
Curators have messed with the artists for long enough, I think it is time that artists also messes with curators and curating.”


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  1. its a fine line between frustration and leadership. if you want to really “fight” the curatorial oppression of the African artists- you need to go to a place where there will be curators. Fucking students up, or FUCKING the Quire up is really fun, but its like Kicking yourself in the ASS. GO the where the people who you want to listen will be. Like-hummmm, an art fair-? or an opening of some sorts in the museum? because then its more better-

    and maybe one of those currtors will finally discover you, and then for sure you will change the world, and change the whole art world and win the lottery ad then you dont have to worry about anything anyway- because in the end, its the squat you want to get out of.

  2. the artists have cut big exclamation marks, question marks, dots and brackets out of styrofoam.

  3. it’s nice to have text explaining the images. there’s this strange affliction whereby people can read only text and no images.
    thnx thomas.

  4. ahhh yes, question marks, dots and brackets… yes… that will confuse any curator who might accidently pass by.

  5. Ich träumte davon, in der Zeitung zu stehen, von vielen Ausstellungen, und natürlich wollte ich etwas ,Neues in der Kunst machen. Mein Leitfaden war der Egoismus.

  6. Hello all!

    There have been some confusion here,
    the platformre-set.nl are not the same people as FUCK (the image above).Usually I don’t mind confusion but as we just started I felt the need to set things straight.

    FUCK is me Jonas Ohlsson, Daniela Bershan and Robert Dupic.
    If you read our little intro text on our new and fresh website
    you will see that we are totally not anti curators, quite the contrary, we see it as a great opportunity as artists to use and expand the many good ideas that come from curating.
    Please check the site and then come back, if there is still any anger left I will do my best to help out…
    BIG greetings Jonas Ohlsson

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