Shea Hembrey

Waar Guillaume Bijl in 1987 schitterde met de show Four American Artists, creëert Shea Hembry eigenhandig twee curatoren, een biennale, een honderdtal(!) kunstenaars en een veelvoud aan kunstwerken.

“So what I did was I invented a hundred artists from around the world. I figured out their bios, their their passions in life and their art styles, and I started making their work. (Laughter) “

“This is Nell Remmel. Nell is interested in agricultural processes”

“The next artist is Kay Overstry, and she’s interested in ephemerality and transience. “

“This artist is Gus Weinmueller, […], he’s doing a smaller project called “Artists in Residence.” And what he does is — (Laughter) he spends a week at a time with a family. […] And he spends that week talking to the family about what do they think great art is. […] And he makes a work that answers what they think great art is. For this family, he made this still-life painting.”

“This is by a duo, Michael Abernathy and Bud Holland. And they’re interested in creating culture, just tradition. So what they do is they move into an area and try to establish a new tradition in a small geographic area. “

“The next artist is Hazel Clausen. Hazel Clausen is an anthropologist who took a sabbatical and decided, “You know, I would learn a lot about culture if I created a culture that doesn’t exist from scratch.” So that’s what she did. She created the Swiss people named the Uvulites”

“The next is a collective of artists called the Silver Dobermans. […] So this is one of their comments on how over-coddled we’ve become. And what they’ve done is they put a warning sign on every single barb on this fence. (Laughter) (Applause) And this is called “Horse Sense Fence.” “

“Next is an Australian artist, Janeen Jackson, and this is from a project of hers called “What an Artwork Does When We’re Not Watching.”

And so on and so on and so on…

Wanneer kunnen we waar de expositie zien? Is het concept beter dan de feitelijke werken? What’s next: duizend kunstenaars ‘verzinnen’? Of met deze honderd ‘de boer op’?

De website van Shea Hembrey is minder ongelofelijk dan zijn TED-talk.

(Dank HFA voor de briljante tip)

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