Tinkebell Naaktkalender

“En, lijkt het een beetje?”

Hardcore: tot het gaatje gaan waar het je eigen project betreft. Tinkebell gaat voor Save The Girls zelf uit de kleren. Met de opbrengst van de verkoop van de naaktkalender kunnen de filipijnse animeermeisjes Mitch and Cyris een andere toekomst krijgen.


(Alle foto’s © Tinkebell-crew.)

Een kalender kost slechts 20 euro (plus €6,75,- verzendkosten Nederland). Donaties zijn meer dan welkom.


Doneer 100 euro en je krijgt een gesigneerde ansichtkaart van een van de foto’s, vanaf 500 euro een gesigneerde A4-print.

Ken uw klassiekers.

Èn bij Pauw & Witteman op de buis èn PowNews op bezoek – maandagavond op de buis als ik me niet vergis – wanneer men je naakt kiekt. Ga er maar aanstaan.

“All the proceeds will be sent to Mitch and Cyris to enable them to stop selling their bodies and start following their dreams!”

Koop die kalender en/of doneer:


(Onderdeel van het grotere project Save The World. Redt een Plofkip. Redt schildpadden. Huisraad voor Afrika. Redt een zwerfhond. Schilder Peru fleurig. Te gekke serie.)

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  1. The above project makes me rather ashamed that I make a living through art, it makes me ashamed that I show my work in a gallery, and that I get paid for workshops and that I get to travel because of my work. It makes me ashamed that I spend time on facebook/instigram/flickr and on the internet at all. My life seems to be such a contradiction to the project mentioned above. Here I am in the late morning, drinking my coffee, reading Trendbeheer, while feeling ashamed.

    I should be out there doing what this artist is doing. Helping others- not self promoting myself, not trying to find the right way to promote myself, really caring, the week or few days I am traveling should be used to really make a difference- two days in Columbia, South America should make a lasting impression on the community- like Confucius said:
    “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”

    I showed this project to a friend of mine who has a orphanage in Brazil and she said that what the world needs more of, are people who go to a place and help for a day or two, promote themselves as saints and then use it to gain personal standings. She told me that for people who work in counseling or social work appreciate so much people who come into others life for a short time, give them help and then leave. This style of social work is the best.

    Thanks for being so selfless, thanks for really making a difference, thanks for not self promoting and for really using your time to help.

    In my mind, I would have put those people to “sleep” and stuffed them, made a purse or coach out of them- and gone for my real intention of self promotion- but apparently I am two concerned with my career and for this reason I am ashamed.


  2. “Mitch longed to go to school to learn languages and become a flight attendant. Cyris wanted most to start a business with her mother, selling meat …”

  3. 40.000 bezokers, 82.000 pagviewe en maar 4 keer ALL CAPS – dat valt ontzettend mede.

  4. ach jb patty brard in een bak water trekt meer bezoekers… als het daarom gaat ?

  5. @david
    gewoon nieuwgierig wat GS oplevert. Meer als alle andere keren dat we daar vermeld werden maar iets met NAAKT levert natuurlijk meer trafiek dan Daan Samson, Jeroen Jongeleen of Sander Reigers – om er een paar te noemen. En gelijk hotsefrots plat overspoeld door de hordes – dat trekt trendbeheer niet. Maar een paar kwamen er dus door.

    Nog altijd geen vergelijk met Alex Jacobs op teevee bij Linda de Mol in de postcode miljoenenjacht. Ongekende piekrequests. Maar naar zon teeveeprogramma kijken 2 miljoen mensen (of zo) als een procent googelt heb je er 20.000 nagenoeg tegelijk op de koffie.

  6. @therev
    I loved your sarcastic response, very good.
    The shameless selfpromotion of this fake artist should not be given any more undue attention. The idea of her being selfless or helpful is a complete joke and the fact that this is done in the name of art is shameful indeed.

  7. Guys, guys, don’t get your panties all up in a bunch.

    I believe the idea behind het work is to hold up a mirror in front of “our” way of treating animals and “our” way of doing charity by doing the exact same thing, but in a caricature way. When you look at it that way you know that it’s actually quite funny and nothing to get worked up about. You also have to realize that her media persona and attention seeking is part of the strategy. Without that the projects fail.

    She’s really smart enough to know that she’s not actually making a difference by painting a favela pink or making a nude calender to help out poor and hopeless girls.

    But then again I never met her, so I don’t know for sure. Hopefully it’s along those lines because that would be brilliant. Otherwise it would indeed be quite lame.

  8. @pop
    I believe the idea behind the work is to make the artist wellknown.
    If you want to hold up a mirror to our way of treating animals, you can do that without killing animals. It utterly defeats the purpose, otherwise.
    That’s what drew my attention to this affair: the Lie that it was all in a good cause, to make us look different at things, whereas the real goal was simply to create media attention for what is otherwise an untalented artist.
    You say: “When you look at it that way you know that it’s actually quite funny”, I say: there is no funny side to murdering pets, and if you still think it is “funny” you need your head examined, because you’re as sick as the “artist.”
    Yes, she is smart enough to know she will never make any difference. This fact highlights her real purpose: to become “famous”.
    We should all just ignore her.

  9. Why do you believe her when she states she killed the cat herself (for example) and not when she states that the actions are for a good cause?

    You are right that I need my head examined though. I really shouldn’t explain someone else’s work that is fairly obvious, but hey…

    And let’s leave it at that.

  10. She brings a social theme to the attention of the media. Is it realy a crime that she redirects some of that attention to herself?

  11. hey zo moet je eens in een moslimland gaan staan als je durft daar geld save the girls wel makkelijk om in een zo een grote bek te hebben tinkebel!!!!

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