Guerilla Girls: reinventing the “f” word

Stereo sticker

“Free the woman artist of Europe […] we pictured pubs, bars and beerhalls all over Europe sending a message about the low number of women artists on display in European museums. All our research shows that although museums have work by women, they keep it in the basement, in storage, not on the walls.”

Guerilla Girls

Billboard in Hollywood ter gelegenheid van de Oscar uitreikingen

“Only 7% of 2005’s 200 top-grossing films were directed by women.

Only 3 women have ever been nominated for an Oscar for Direction (Lina Wertmuller (1976), Jane Campion (1982,) and Sofia Coppola (2003). None has won.”

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  1. Nico Dikstaal says:

    Verschikkelijk naar! Hun aanwezigheid op de biennale in Venetie was om te huilen…prekerige poep richting kunstlovers die toch al geemancipeerd denken

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