Alberto Frigo

Alberto Frigo

(Detail van 2006/OBJECT/11100000.html)

Alberto Frigo fotografeert alles wat-ie aanraakt.


1_During a life-event every object* the dominant-hand uses is photographed once and while used.
2_If an object of the same type is the next to be used, this object is not photographed unless the life-event changes.
3_A life-event changes as soon as the dominant-hand uses a different object in a different space.

Ongoing vanaf 24 september 2003.

Alberto Frigo

Alberto Frigo

Detail 2006

Alberto Frigo

Detail 2005

Alberto Frigo

Detail 2003


Detail lekker computeren 2006

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3 Responses

  1. Jan Jaap says:

    Wat mij betreft een zeer geslaagd idee met een even geslaagd resultaat

  2. Frigo’s photographic project and his other on-going projects can be now viewed here:

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