Het zinkende IJsland fonds

(een bericht van IJsland correspondent Rebecca Moran)

All you need to do is send 5 euro or 5 dollar bill in an envelope addressed to

Sinking Island Funds
C/O Rebecca Erin Moran
Lokastigur 7
101 Reykjavik Iceland

Your money will feed and educate an unemployed American redhead for a month in Iceland. If you include a return address, you will receive a picture and progress report of your adopted immigrant, as she learns to read and write in the local language!!

SEND NOW to a de-developing country and feel morally superior for DOING YOUR PART in spreading the economic wealth GLOBALLY!!!

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6 Responses

  1. Check out my official website now :)

  2. energiek chicago says:

    Yes we can!

    Maar nu weer even vervelend en nitty gritty: Iceland en island zijn toch echt twee verschillende dingen, alhoewel Iceland wel een island is, dat dan weer wel. En dus moet het zijn: het zinkende eiland fonds.

  3. NP says:

    @ Rebecca: Link is aangepast, geld onderweg.

  4. in fact, energiek chicago, it is a play on the word island & island. in Icelandic (the language) it is called Ísland!!

    but your right, it is technically het zinkende eiland fonds!

    all the same, its good fun! :)

  5. goei dag!

    Actually it is a play on iceland & island, especially because “Iceland” in the icelandic language “Ísland” . but your are technically right, it is het zinkende eiland fonds.

    all the same, its ruff times, and I am just trying to have a little fun with it!!

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