Rufus Ketting

“I made a piece about a certain Gaston (or, as we call him in Holland ‘Guust Flater’) episode.

[…]In one episode it is because of a redecoration of the main office Guust had done over the weekend. When De Mesmaeker is (once again) ready to sign, he’s too distracted about the mural Guust had done and he once again takes an anxious hike without leaving his highly anticipated signature. I guess, the whole idea of a mural making a business deal not happen appealed to me.

[…]and here’s my version:”

De contracten, 2011.

Misschien wel het kunstwerk van het jaar. Nog t/m 12 maart aanstaande te zien bij Frank Taal.

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4 Responses

  1. JV says:

    “Misschien wel het kunstwerk van het jaar”

    De titel maakt hem helemaal perfect.

  2. Frank Taal says:

    ja heeeerlijk ja! Mooie tekst ook rufus!

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