Pirate Art op Het Wilde Weten

Donald Duck is zijn snaveltje vergeten.

Opening zondag 11 september 16.00

    “The official opening will be followed by a lecture by theoreticians Ricardo Cuadros and Paz Aburto on Chilean art and will give context to the show and lead to a discussion on Latin American art with the participation of the assistants.”


    “PIRATE ART is a group show of Chilean creators that work with the concept of identity seen as a collage or mixture of influences. This is not a show about crafts, folklore or clay pots. All 9 artists work with different media; they integrate humor and parody to produce a cultural reflection. They think that is necessary to revert and rethink the image that European people have from Latin American art.”

Pirate Art op Het Wilde Weten

Pirate Art op Het Wilde Weten

Pirate Art op Het Wilde Weten

Giancarlo Pazzanese en Marcela Moraga

Guest Artists van Het Wilde Weten

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