Do you know Hieronymus Bosch?


Mooi geschreven:

“Bosch’s character is incomprehensible.
It is over the limit of imaginative power.”

“I think that explanation is not needed, only notes are simply.

Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) is the painter of Nederland. His paintings may look vulgar for some men. The style filled in the mystery has impact very much.

Seeing is believing.”


Mail, mail.
When opening the door, it is fearful if such postman stands.

Aldus de Glue Chronicle.

Opgelet, voor wie met papier gaat kleien:

“When you deal with an edged tool, be fully careful.
When you use glue, fully perform indoor ventilation.
This site takes no responsibility about all the accidents caused with a papermodel.
Please understand that. “

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