Superflex Power Toilets


“SUPERFLEX have replaced a run-down public toilet in Gwangju with a new toilet which in its interior is an exact copy of the exclusive toilet used by the Executive Board of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.”




“Power Toilets is a permanent public art work erected on a beach in the recreation area Park van Luna in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. The interior of the lavatory building is a copy of the toilets used by the members of the United Nations Security Council in the UN headquarters in New York, identical in detail to that of the sanitary facilities at one of the most secure buildings in the world.”



“A copy of the executives’ restroom in the New York JPMorgan Chase headquarters installed inside the Olympic Restaurant on 115 Delancey Street, New York for public use.”



“A copy of the Ministers’ restroom in the Justus Lipsius Building, Council of the European Union in Brussels, installed for public use inside the Turkish Restaurant Alaturka in Ghent.”

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