Penguin vs Miriam Elia

Penguin Group Targets Artist Over Satirical Art Book

“Penguin claims that Elia is infringing on their copyright, and they’ve also staked a moral claim against the “adult content” in the book. They’ve said that she may sell enough copies to cover any outstanding production costs, but after that they want her to destroy the rest of the books. They’ve even threatened/offered to do the destroying for her.”

Miriam Elia maakte met We Go to the Gallery de impulsaankoop van het jaar. Vierenveertig hilarische pagina’s spijker-kop-raak. De firma Penguin UK kan er niet om lachen en trekt het advocatenpistool. Wat dan wel weer grappig is dat een ander boek van Elia wordt uitgegeven door Penguin USA.

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Niels Post is beeldend kunstenaar en actief als mede-oprichter van Hij is opgeleid aan de AKI in Enschede en het San Francisco Art Institute. Zijn werk is wereldwijd te zien geweest op videofestivals, tentoonstellingen en als zelfinitiatief in de openbare ruimte. Spam, computer gegenereerde tekst die niemand wil maar die overal opduikt, vormt de laatste jaren het basismateriaal van zijn beroepspraktijk. Post gebruikt het voor interventies op leegstaande winkelramen, wandsculpturen en ruimtevullende installaties.


  1. When I saw this book just looking up Ladybird books randomly, I was stunned by the exposition and sheer glee took hold of me. ‘This can’t be a real book, where can I buy it, so many dull married couples need a copy instantly,’ and then, on one of the pictures I saw ‘Miriam Elia.’ ‘Hell’s teeth,’ I thought. ‘I know her. She was in my print class and told me I ought to wear skirts over my trousers. She can’t have anything to do with this, surely?’ Then I watched the video.

    Now first off, well done, this is hilarious, an act of genius, it HAD to happen, but that it’s been done so well, and so intelligently, and with such obscure and obsessive care is really marvellous as I, er, always thought conceptual artists were thick and also, er ‘fell in love with a conceptual artist and it was totally meaningless’, so I’m dead glad you’ve finally come up with a piece that is just what conceptual art ought to be, and is in fact the first I’ve ever seen of any merit, let alone exceptional merit. Are you still having trouble? Of course everyone needs a copy of this book, it is brilliant. How can I assist – more importantly, do you have any left? I’ll defo sing you up on Facebook and anywhere else. I’ll even go to court for you if you like, but I’d have to have costs paid by Tate Modern, which is precisely where this book should be.


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