De bibliotheek van Irma Boom

“But there are many who would at least consider Ms. Boom’s books works of art. Among them were the jurors of the Johannes Vermeer Award, the Dutch state prize for the arts, which she won in 2014.”

“[…] So Ms. Boom has used the prize for the quixotic, endless undertaking of creating a library of what she called “only the books that are experimental.” Above her studio here, the recently opened library is made up almost entirely of books from the 1600s and 1700s, and the 1960s and ’70s.”

“[…] When she first began school at AKI Academy of Art & Design, in the Netherlands, she wanted to be a painter. She also tried architecture and photography. But then she met Abe Kuipers, a teacher who would come to the school with a suitcase of books, which he would pull out and discuss. “I was totally intrigued by the idea of bookmaking,” Ms. Boom said.”…amsterdam-library.html

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Niels Post is beeldend kunstenaar en actief als mede-oprichter van Hij is opgeleid aan de AKI in Enschede en het San Francisco Art Institute. Zijn werk is wereldwijd te zien geweest op videofestivals, tentoonstellingen en als zelfinitiatief in de openbare ruimte. Spam, computer gegenereerde tekst die niemand wil maar die overal opduikt, vormt de laatste jaren het basismateriaal van zijn beroepspraktijk. Post gebruikt het voor interventies op leegstaande winkelramen, wandsculpturen en ruimtevullende installaties.

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