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Campana Brothers

“The chairs are ghastly. […] Yet they are on sale for between £70,000 and £130,000 each.” (Kwoot uit onderstaand artikel uit Sunday Times, bovenstaande afbeelding uit

Banksy dit en Banksy dat, maar ook – en dat is interessanter – aan het eind van het artikel een Disney dit en Disney dat:

“Speaking of Mickey Mouse, […] As soon as we began filming, two officials with clipboards came out to tell us we weren’t allowed to feature the front of the building because Disney’s The Lion King was playing there, […] Our right to film on the streets of London was outweighed here by Disney’s right to stop us doing so.


I mention this now in my investigation of the confusion between corporate truths and artistic ones that is currently continuing across the art world because I see that the Disney corporation has expanded its reach still further by commissioning two Brazilian artists called the Campana Brothers to make a set of chairs decorated with Disney characters that has gone on show at the Albion gallery.”[…]84919.ece

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