Eyesore of the Month


A close look at the mural yields a vision of amazing weirdness: the racehorse has apparently gotten loose from the paddock and escaped to somebody’s lakeside deck as the sun sets radioactively over the distant pines. A menacing jockey approaches brandishing his criding crop. Duck and cover, Seabiscuit!

The flag helps us remember what country we’re in.


Few Americans realize that America had its own Soviet era, seen here in the Low Common Denominator Modernism so popular in the late 20th century. Your journey begins in a building designed to express apathy and lethergy. Where does it end?

Afzeiken is ook een kunst: James Koward Kunstler geeft al bijna 9 jaar z’n visie op architectuur rondom Saratoga Springs en verder in heel Amerika. Van anonieme shopping malls tot aan de tumoren van Daniel Libeskind. Ook andere luchtkastelenbouwers als Rem Koolhaas of Frank Gehry worden niet gespaard. In handzaam doorklikformaat.


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