Hans Stevens (1948 – 2013)

Hans Stevens (1948 – 2013)

“He worked on building and forming and shaping his “EN-collection”. A multidimensional language concept that connects everything with everything. Thus offering solutions for major world problems. This collection is more than 2 million pages deep right now and has multiple ways of construction.”

“Besides his own work, Stevens was also one of the driving forces of the Argument room. Together with his girlfriend Sandra, his big love and support for many, many years, they kept Argument running against all odds. This is one of the last true autonomous artist run collectives in the city of Tilburg.”

Incubate directeur Vincent Koreman gedenkt Hans Stevens die afgelopen vrijdag overleed.


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2 Responses

  1. Segbars says:

    Ach, gecondoleerd allen die Hans na waren

  2. Kees says:

    R.I.P., sterkte Sandra!

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