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  1. Van de website:

    Yellowist Vladimir Umanets didn’t destroy Mark Rothko’s painting in Tate Modern, it was not an act of vandalism. He signed the Rothko’s painting and thus show that this painting is a potential piece of Yellowism. This action informs the contemporary world, that Rothko’s painting can stop to be a work of art and can become a piece of Yellowism – If Rothko’s painting was placed in a yellowistic chamber then it would not be a work of art anymore and would express yellow color only; it would be a definition of yellow given in a form of Rothko’s painting.

    Yellowism is not an art movement. Yellowism is the new context in contemporary culture. Yellowist, based on the definition and Manifesto of Yellowism, can sign any object or being or any work of art to show that it can be transported to the new context and become an example of Yellowism. Don’t call Umanets an artist. He is not an artist, he is a Yellowist. He resigned from art. Yellowism is not a form of art. It is a new context in which the value of Rothko’s painting increase.

    The Radical Change of Perception. Now.

    by Marcin Lodyga

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